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June 30, 2013
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Sighing, you gathered your things and left the classroom. Class was especially boring today and all you wanted to do was sleep, but you knew that in order for you to stay in this school, you would have to study, whether you liked it or not. Pushing back your tiredness, you headed for the Third Music Room. Noises didn't bother you, so you didn't stress about the loud chatter circling the room.

Finally arriving at your destination, you entered, automatically walking to the table that Tamaki reserved for you. The both of you got along quite well, though sometimes he could be annoying. You had no romantic feelings for him, knowing that he loved Haruhi. The person that you liked was Takashi Morinozuka, his tall, dark and handsome persona instantly drawing you to him, like a moth to a flame.

Mori didn't know about this, of course, and that’s how you intended to keep it. You didn't tell Tamaki about it either because you knew he would try to hook you guys up. That’s what you wanted, but it was far too embarrassing. Plus…Mori might not feel the same way.

Who were you kidding? You knew that he only had room, in his heart, for Honey-sempai. You heaved a saddened sigh, before opening your math book to begin studying.

After a time, you fell asleep. When you woke up, there was a blue, Ouran Academy, jacket covering you. Instinctively, you rubbed it off as Tamaki’s because this situation was not a first for you, but changed your view point when you lifted one of its sleeves. The sleeve was long, as long as the sleeve of Mor-

“____” you heard a deep, familiar voice say “are you awake now?” You turned around, (h/l) (h/c) hair swishing behind you as your (e/c) orbs met with Mori’s onyx black ones.

Your cheeks immediately flushed a rosy red, of which, you tried to hide by looking down at your hands. “Yes” you answered, after a few moments. When nothing else happened, you figured that he was waiting for you to hand him his jacket, so you started to remove it. “Keep it” said the stoic boy, surprising you. Giving him a confused look, he spoke again.

“It’s chilly outside, you could get sick.” You were, slightly, taken aback by this whole thing. Shouldn't he be worrying about Honey-sempai? And if he was giving you his jacket, what would he wear? “W-What about you? Won't you get cold?” You asked, concern slipping into your voice. For the third time today, Mori surprised you…he smiled.

Your heart nearly leaped out of your chest at the sight, cheeks rivaling that of a red apple. There was no hiding the color, this time. You would have to run out of here. “U-Um, thank you f-for your j-jacket. I promise t-to bring it back tomorrow” You stuttered, bowing briefly, before running out of the music room like a mad woman.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~

You sat in class, not paying any attention to the lesson being taught. Over and over, you replayed yesterday’s events. First, waking up with Mori’s jacket on, second, being offered to keep the jacket, third, seeing Mori smile, and fourth, running out of the room. No doubt, he thought you were a psycho now, you thought miserably. Of course, you had no choice but to go to the Third Music Room. After all, you did take Mori’s jacket…

Class, finally, let out, and you started towards the host club. You entered the room, walking over to Mori to get things over with. You were nervous, but suppressed the feeling, less you chicken out and ask Tamaki to do it instead.

Honey-sempai sat next to Mori, eating cake as usual, but perked up when you came over.
“____-chan!” he yelled, excitedly “Would you like some cake? It’s really good!” he cooed. “Not right now, I'm afraid. I just came over to give Mori his jacket.” Honey-sempai pouted a little, a moment later, going back to his dessert. You, silently, passed your crush his jacket. He reciprocated the same. You were about to walk away when you felt a sneeze coming on. Covering your nose, you sneezed into the closed fist of your left hand.

The next thing you knew, you were in Mori’s arms, his left hand holding your right wrist. His eyes were wide and worried, causing you to blush even as you were still in shock.

“____, did you catch a fever?” he asked, normal expression back on his face, though his voice still held an edge of concern. “I-I don't know” you answered, a flustered mess. Mori placing his hand, gently, on your forehead did nothing to get rid of your crimson cheeks. “I should be fine” you reassured him, looking away in a feeble attempt to hide your red face. “Look at me, ____.” You were surprised by the authority in his voice, facing him immediately. “I’m taking you home.” Just like that, he picked you up bridal style and started running.

You tried telling him you were fine, but he just ignored you. He ran, until he reached your house, a normal one story house it was. You couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed about him seeing your home, that is, until you looked at Mori. In that instant, your embarrassment disappeared. You knew he wouldn't care about where you stayed.

Once he entered your house, he continued his run into the hallway, sliding open the room that obviously belonged to you. There was a sign on your door that said ‘STAY OUT’ in black, bold letters and underneath that it said ‘____’s Room’ in (f/c) smaller letters. Mori lie you down on your futon and perked your head up on the makura (pillow). “I’ll make you some soup” he said, starting to leave. “You don't have to do that, I'm fine.” You stood up to show him for yourself, but your plan backfired when you, suddenly, became dizzy and nearly fainted. Mori caught you in his strong, safe arms, placing you, gently, back on the futon. “Yeah, well, you can make me some soup, now. The bowls are on the right in the left cabinet and the pans are on the left in the right.” Mori nodded then left.

(Your thoughts)

How embarrassing! I can't believe I almost fainted. At least Mori caught me, he’s really warm (your face*w*) Why did he do all of that though? He brought me all the way home because I have a fever…could it mean…he likes me to? No way! No way! That’s just wishful thinking…or is it?

(End of thoughts)

Seven minutes later, Mori entered your bedroom with a bowl of Chicken and Miso Soup. He sat down next to me, feeling my forehead for good measure. His eyes widened slightly, narrowing soon after.

You noticed his expression and tried to reassure him. “I should be fine after I eat this soup” you told him, confident of what you said. The moment you tried to sit up, however, the room started to spin and you fell back in bed. Mori gave your head a moment to stop reeling, before he scooped up the first spoonful of soup. He used his left hand to tilt your head a bit; careful not to lift it too much, less you become dizzy again. The soup was perfect which is unusual for someone who has had others prepare meals for them since birth, you thought. Oh well, who were you to judge?

You were tired after eating all of the soup and started to drift off, and because of the fever, you became a little…optimistic. “I have a secret” you said, giggling like a little kid who just witnessed an adult ‘accidentally’ getting hit on the head. Mori, merely, raised an eyebrow, as if to ask ‘do you, now?’ You giggled again. “I can't tell you though, cause you might not like it” you said, pouting a little before giggling some more. “Tell me” he said, deciding to humor you. “Are you sure?” you asked, raising your eyebrow, skeptically. Mori smiled, amused by your actions. You made this look *o* then proceeded to tell him, with a big smile on your face, blushing innocently. “W-Well, I love you!” you shouted, hiding your face under the cover afterwards like a shy child. There was silence and then…

You felt a hand starting to pull the cover from over your face, but you didn’t allow Mori to pull it away completely. A chaste kiss was placed on your forehead, leaving you in shock. Taking advantage of this, Mori pulled the cover away from you, revealing a red faced you, with wide, childlike eyes. He chuckled, bringing you back to earth. You looked him straight in the eyes, something that you, fully conscious, would not have done. Mori leaned towards you, smiling warmly, before placing another kiss on your lips. This one was longer, but he didn't move his lips out of fear of pushing you too far, too fast, especially in your current state.

Moments later, he leaned back in his spot, a light blush painting his cheeks. You smiled up at him, eyes becoming heavier by the second. “Please, lay with me, Mori. You're warm” you told him, eyes closed now. You, finally, fell asleep when you felt those strong arms wrap around your middle and pull you close, so that your face was buried in his toned and comfortable chest.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Several  days later~~~~~~

You went straight to the music room, that afternoon. Tamaki had said that he wanted to announce something, and knowing him, it would be something bazar, which is exactly why you wanted to go.

You entered the host club, in the Third Music Room, not expecting what happened next. Everyone shouted ‘congratulations’ to you while throwing streamers, causing you jump a few feet into the air.

“W-What is all this?” You asked Tamaki; quite sure that it wasn't your birthday. “A celebration for your new relationship with Mori-sempai, of course” answered the smiling blond. “I always knew you two would be together!” he swooned” now come on, Mori-sempai is waiting for you.” With that, he started pushing you towards your one and only true love. The fans of Mori-sempai all gave you congratulations, asking you to treat him well, with tear stained faces. You promised them that you would and continued on.

Tamaki, finally, stopped pushing you, smiling proudly, as he spoke his next words. “The princess has, finally, found her prince. We all wish her a life full of happiness” he said to the crowd. He turned to face you, briefly, but sincerely giving you a warm smile before facing the crowd again. “Without further ado, we would like to present Prince Morinozuka Takashi!” All eyes, including yours, faced the direction that Tamaki gestured towards which was the direction of the changing room. Mori emerged wearing a golden prince’s crown with dark blue rhinestones in them, a dark blue cape, black boots, white pants, and a princely black top. The sight took your breath away, causing you to blush like mad.

All of the girls started kyaaing, loudly, shouting how handsome he looked and more. Mori walked closer and closer until he was but two feet away from you, dropping to one knee and holding your right hand in his palm. “____, would you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?” he asked, voice gentle and eyes locked on yours. Tears started to form in your eyes from happiness.

“Oh yes, Mori.” There was so much powerful emotion that you felt, in that moment; that you could hardly speak above a whisper, but he'd heard it. He placed a tender kiss on your hand, causing everyone to scream with happiness and envy. Mori then stood up straight, placing his white, gloved hands on your cheeks, and kissed you.

Suddenly, you heard no more screams. It was just the two of you, just this moment. You wanted to stay here forever, but after a while the both of you broke apart. He smiled down at you with that warm smile that you loved, and you smiled back just as warmly, so happy that you could burst.

Joyous tears trailed down your cheeks and your prince whipped them away with his thumbs, soon after pulling you into his warm and safe embrace. “I love you, ____” he whispered, making your heart pound vigorously in your chest. “I love you, too, Mori.”

This is kind of long because ideas kept popping into my head! I've been working on it for some time, so I would really appreciate some feedback. Feel free to let me know of any mistakes. Thank you, and I hope you all enjoyed!!^_^
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