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July 5, 2013
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You love Zero Kiryu, that’s it. Ever since that day that you two went patrolling and you saw that anguished look on his face, you have loved him and wanted to protect him. But alas, he loves Yuki. He always has, but even so, you decided that you would keep him safe no matter what. Even knowing that the one you loved was a vampire.


Today began as just another boring day of school. First, you woke up, hopped in the shower, brushed your teeth, and got dressed. Then, you headed downstairs to get breakfast from the cafeteria. Lastly, you headed to class, greeting Zero and Yuki once you took your seat. Luckily, your seat was right next to Zero’s.

That’s right. You were sitting in one of the legendary seats next to Zero. This proved just how much he trusted you and valued you as his friend. That simple fact made you happy, and feel all the more close to him. Not even Yuki sat here, you noted.

The teacher walked in and began teaching the lesson which you paid close attention to. School was very important to you because you planned to go to college to become a (insert occupation here). Even as a hunter, you wanted to have some other practice of work aside from killing vampires, not that you didn't like the thrill of going out on a mission.


Class ended, signaling that the crossover for the Night Class would take place soon. You put on your disciplinary committee badge, along with Zero and Yuki then all three of you headed for the gates.

The loud screaming of the Day Class girls reached your ears, even though you were a good few yards away. At this rate, you were sure that your ears would bleed if you came any closer. Of course, you had no choice but to go forward. It was your duty, as a member of the Disciplinary Committee, to make sure that the Day Class didn't find out the Night Class’s secret, and your duty was very important to you.

Once you all finally reached the Day Class, you aligned them so that they were out of the Night Class’s way. The gate creaked open a moment later, and the screams of the fan girls grew in volume. Unfortunately, so did the struggle to reach their beloveds.

“All of you get back!” you shouted, already getting a migraine. No one moved which irritated you. 'So they wanted to play deaf?' you thought. Okay, let’s try this again. You pulled out the whistle given to you by Headmaster Cross.

Before, you thought to be generous and not burst the eardrums of others, even when they rudely did it to you. Now, things were different, so you put the whistle to your lips and blew with all of your might. Immediately, everyone fell silent, turning their attention towards you.

“Thank you, ladies for finally shutting your traps,” you told the girls, a mock cheery smile on your face. Next, you turned to the Night Class. “Please continue on your way to class. It would not due to be late.” They all began to murmur, but left anyway, following behind their Pureblood leader.



You were very excited because of the fact that you and Zero would be patrolling today. Yuki would have a day off tonight, for this reason, which lifted your spirits even more. You and Zero alone, what a beautiful thought.

As you two watched out for any lurking Day Class girls, you thought about your feelings for Zero. Obviously, you loved him, but the problem was that he didn’t love you back. How were you supposed to deal with that?

Of course, you wanted him to find happiness. Yuki was a pretty decent girl and she could make him happy, but to be honest, you just couldn't accept that. Not to sound selfish, but you just wanted him all to yourself, no sharing included.

Besides, the last time that you checked she was in love with Kaname wasn't she? If that’s the case then…Zero must be suffering just as much as you, in that department.

Suddenly, you became angry. How could Yuki do that to him? You wondered. Wasn't he suffering enough? Doesn't she see that without her, Zero would fall apart? That even you would not be able to pick up the pieces?

Why must it be her? Why couldn't Zero love you?

Tears started to flow down your cheeks, but you didn't notice because you were so caught up in your sadness and heartbreak. Only when Zero grabbed your hand did you snap out of it. You looked into those worried eyes and your heart fluttered. Without thinking, you flew into his arms, holding him around his waist tightly and burying your face in his chest.


You felt Zero stiffen before his body relaxed and he wrapped his arms around you as well, holding you just as tightly.

Your heart sped up even more, beating so loudly that you could hear it in your own ears. You wondered if Zero could hear it, no doubt he could feel it on his lean stomach. “____, what’s wrong?” he asked, voice soft as his hands went through your (h/l) (h/c) locks.

You thought about telling him about your feelings. Now, seemed like the appropriate time. You two were basically alone and embracing one another, so what the heck. You lifted your head to stare into his beautiful amethyst eyes, which took your breath away as they shined in the moonlight, and were about to tell him everything that you felt when there was a rustle down below.

Damn it, you thought angrily. Whoever the girl was, she was about to get a boat load of insults and profanities thrown her way.

Both you and Zero jumped down from your positions on the Night Class’s balcony and headed towards the noise.

Emerging from the bushes, you both caught two Day Class girls taking photos of the Night Class, smiling away like the annoying, stalker fan girls that they were (Not to bash on fan girls, I am one of them by the way ^w^).  

“What are you two doing!” you shouted. Amusingly, the girls jumped, nearly dropping their cameras. The bolder of the two stepped up, a determined look on her face.
“We were just taking pictures of the Night Class. It’s not like we were trying to rob a store or something,” she said. “Y-Yeah,” said her friend who decided that she wanted to defend herself too. You sighed in frustration.

“It’s dangerous outside, at this time of night. Even if you were just taking pictures, you're breaking the rules” you countered “now hand over the photos that you took.”
The girl didn't like that. “No way, let’s go Himiko.” Her friend nodded in unsure response, but followed her friend nonetheless, as they both started running.

“Come back here!” you shouted, chasing after them “and stop running before you hurt yourselves.”

It only took a minute or two before you started to catch up with the girls, Zero in tow. Deciding that he was close enough, Zero jumped in front of them, blocking their way.
Because of the sudden appearance of the perfect in front of them, the girls fell to the ground, ungracefully. And to top off the annoying chase, the girl Himiko was now bleeding with a scraped knee.

Your gaze shifted to Zero whose eyes had become crimson. A brief look back at the girls showed you that they didn't see him yet, so you took advantage of this and told the girls to leave. “Go back to your dorms, now! Don't waste time, hurry!” you shouted. Luckily, the girls listened and ran away, one limping a bit.

You looked back at Zero and saw him clutching his chest in pain, but he was still standing. “Zero, do you think you can make it back to your dorm?” you asked.

He took a few deep breathes before answering. “Yeah” he looked at the ground. “Let’s go then. I'll help you get there.” Zero looked at you skeptically before nodding his approval. With that, you both headed to the boy’s Sun Dorms.


You helped Zero into his room and onto his bed, shutting his door when you entered. Another wave of hunger washed over Zero, causing him to hold himself tighter and gasp in pain.

You knew full well that he could not consume blood tablets. The only thing that would keep him from losing it was blood, but you had no doubt in your mind that he would deny drinking from you the moment that you offered. It was worth a try.

“Zero” you started. “No” he said, already aware of what you were thinking.
“But you have to or you’ll…please Zero. I’m begging you.”

Usually his stubbornness was cute and cool, but right now was not the time. You were not about to lose Zero. If you had to then…you’d force him. The thought tied your stomach in knots.

You didn't want Zero to hate you, but if it meant that he would live'll just have to suck it up, you thought, becoming stubborn as well.

“I’m not giving you an option, Zero, now drink,” you demanded, pulling your collar down and leaning close to him. He still refused. Now you were angry.
Ignoring the pain that it caused, you scraped your neck with your fingers, causing you to bleed. You leaned in closer to Zero, so that he was now leaning on his elbows as he half lie down on the bed.

Another giant wave of hunger came over Zero then, and he moaned in pain, still trying to fight his hunger. “Please Zero” you begged “I don't want you to die.”

Two seconds after those words left your mouth, you were pulled onto Zero’s lap, so that now, he was in a sitting position with his legs on the side of the bed and your legs were on either side of his waist. His arms circled around you so that one hand held tightly onto your shirt and the other was tangled in your (h/l) (h/c) hair.

Zero tilted your head to the left and brushed back strands of your hair to reveal your soft, virgin neck. He then proceeded to lick a rather sensitive spot which caused you to gasp and blush heavily.

“I’m sorry” he whispered ,breathlessly, before sinking his fangs deep into your neck. You winced in pain, but relaxed soon after, placing your hand in his silver locks and holding his body close to yours.

You smiled, happy that your beloved would be okay. If this was something that you could do for him as a friend, then you would. Even if he were to one day kill you because of his bloodlust you would not hold it against him, you would be happy that he lived another day.

“I love you, Zero,” you whispered, right before passing out from blood loss.
I hope you all enjoyed!!^w^ this took me a long time to write*wipes forehead*but I did it, and it was all for you lovers of Zero, myself included ^_^
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Yuki: What were you thinking?! First, Zero can only drink MY blood! Now he craves your blood! Secondly, you can't just go spilling blood willy nilly! You created a fuss throughout the night class!
Me: I-I just wanted Zero to live and I don't care if I create a fuss! I mean, I don't want someone like Hanabusa drinking my blood but oh well!
Zero: *poker face* fighting, I guess.
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